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List of frequently asked questions. Answers may vary from property to property, so please refer to your lease agreement or contact your manager for more details.

My application was approved, what happens now?

We typically require the full amount of the security deposit (cashier's check or money order) be paid within seven days of application being approved. This reserves your home for you until your move in date. Contact your local utility companies to establish service as of your move in date/date you will be receiving keys.

Contact manager approximately one week prior to your scheduled move in date to get the balance you will need at move in. This balance may include the following: pet fees, rent prorate (from move in date thru end of month) or first month's rent, any applicable occupancy permit fees, etc. If you have a pet, a pet interview may be required for any weight or breed restrictions.

On your scheduled move in date, bring your driver's license or alternate state issued photo ID (manager will make copy for your file) and monies due. All parties on the lease agreement will need to sign prior to keys being given. Please give yourself at least an hour to read through the lease packet and sign the documents.

I recently changed jobs and won't be paid until the 7th of the month. What happens when I pay my rent late?

Most leases are set up where rent is due on the first of the month and delinquent after the fifth of the month (outlined on the first page of your lease agreement). If you know you will be paying after the fifth, the first thing you should do is contact our office to explain the situation and when we should expect your rent. We can typically work with you, but you need to contact our office! Your lease will give a breakdown of any applicable late fees that will be assessed.

My dog is part of my family. Why can't I bring him with me when I move?

We are typically very accommodating with pets. If we have found an issue with the pet you listed on your application there could be several different reasons. Sometimes the HOA or condominium board has their own breed, weight limit or number of pets allowed restrictions. Sometimes our insurance carrier has breed restrictions. Sometimes it could be the municipality restrictions set by the governing city or county.

My lease is about to expire, but my roommate may be moving out of state. Can we remain in the home past the lease expiration date?

We offer lease extension options after your initial lease term.

Month to month extensions - the lease is renewed at market rate plus a month to month premium. You will need to give a full calendar month written notice to terminate the agreement.

Short term lease options - we offer short term lease renewal contracts at the renewal rate, plus a short term premium. Depending on your needs we can offer anywhere from two to eleven month lease renewals. You will need to give a full calendar month written notice to vacate prior to the last month of the lease extension, if you plan to vacate.

I may be transferred with my job, but my lease doesn't expire for four months. Can I break the lease?

Most of our leases include a termination clause that will outline the steps you need to take to terminate the lease. These are the general guidelines to terminate your lease agreement with Iremco. On or before the first of the month, you will need to give us a full calendar month written notice. If you turn in your notice after the first of the month, you will still be responsible for all of next month's rent. You will need to pay the applicable termination fees outlined in your lease agreement. If the termination is due to a job transfer, ask your employer if they will reimburse your fees.

Military active duty members will need to submit their paperwork along with the notice. Active duty military are not charged the termination fees, so make sure you include the paperwork.

My daughter will be staying with me for the summer. Is there anything I need to do?

If you will have family or guests staying an extended period of time at your home, we ask you register them with the office. Anyone over the age of eighteen, living at your home for more than two weeks out of the year will need to complete an occupancy application. They will not be made part of the lease agreement. We will run a criminal background check and make the information part of your file paperwork.

If the family member or guest is under eighteen, we will simply make their information part of your file paperwork.

Any additional temporary occupants must be within the occupancy limits of your home.

Unauthorized occupants could be grounds to terminate your lease agreement. Please contact the manager if you should have any questions.

I will not be able to renew my lease agreement when it expires. What steps must I follow to insure I fulfill my obligations?

We require a full calendar month's written notice. If your lease expires on July 31st, give your written notice to our office (via email, mail, fax or hand deliver) on or before the 1st of July to avoid your lease automatically renewing at market rate plus a month to month premium.

We will inform you of the scheduled walk thru date and time to assess any cleaning or damage charges. We encourage you to attend the walk through inspection. Give the manager your forwarding address when you turn in your keys. If you do not submit your forwarding address, the paperwork will be sent to your rental address and the post office will need to forward it once you submit your change of address with the post office. This could delay your refund several weeks while it is routed through the mail system.

We process and mail the security deposit refunds within thirty days of the lease end date or move out date, whichever is later. If there are any charges, an itemized list will be mailed outlining the cleaning or damage charge with any applicable labor costs. If you receive your security deposit statement and there is a charge, you are welcome to contact our office for photos of the damage and/or receipts to repair the item.

My parents will be on vacation for two weeks and asked me to care for the family pet. Can I house a pet temporarily?

The short answer is yes. However, just like with having a pet full-time, there are additional pet fees and pet addendum involved. Contact your property manager for more details on the fees.

Unfortunately, if you are found to be housing an unauthorized pet for any length of time, you can incur penalties and/or possibly be asked to vacate. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the manager.

My roommate will be transferred with her job. How do I remove her from the lease?

If you want to be solely responsible for the lease agreement and remove your roommate from the lease, there are several steps you must follow. First, you will need to resubmit a rental application, accompanied by your most recent check stubs. This is to confirm you will qualify by yourself. Next, your roommate will need to submit a notarized statement waiving all rights to the home and the security deposit. Once we have all of the documents approved and on file, you will need to sign a new lease agreement.


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