Residential and Commercial Property Management

Application for Occupancy Criteria Guidelines


All persons, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, family status or physical disability are guaranteed the right to rent any property they can afford and they meet the criteria.


Applicants must have the following:

Income - Applicants must have adequate income. Applicant must submit the two most recent pay check stubs with their application. If just starting a new position, a letter of hire may be accepted.

Employment - Applicants must be employed for a minimum of six (6) months on their current job. If employed at current job less than six (6) months, applicant must include previous job on application. Applicant must have a favorable work history established to indicate their ability to pay rent.

Co-Signers - At times Co-Signers are requested if an applicant does not meet the above set guidelines or for students. Co-signers need to complete an application and sign the lease. Co-signers must live in Missouri.

Credit History - A Trans Union credit report will be obtained on all applicants. Applicant's credit history must be favorable to establish the applicant's ability to pay in a timely manner. In some cases where credit has a few slow pay negative ratings, an applicant may be asked to double their security deposit. In the event the applicant is denied based on credit, the applicant may contact Trans Union to obtain a copy of their credit report for review.

Rental/Mortgage History - Applicants may not currently be in an eviction process or foreclosure, this is reason for immediate denial. Applicants must have a favorable payment history with current and/or former landlords. In addition to the payment history with the prior landlords; any lease violations, damages to the premises or collection accounts from prior landlords will also be evaluated.

Social Security Number - All applicants must have a valid social security number.

Occupants/Roommates - All occupants must be listed on the applicant's application. All adult occupants over the age of eighteen (18) must complete an application.

Municipal Occupancy Codes - The number of occupants can not exceed City or County occupancy maximums. These codes vary. If there are no published restrictions, occupancy is limited to two (2) persons per bedroom.

Criminal Background - All applicants will have a criminal background screening (federal, state, local, and sex offender) to determine eligibility.


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